Polar Bear Express Temporary Schedule Reduction - COVID-19

Issued March 20, 2020

After discussion with community leaders, Ontario Northland will be implementing a reduced passenger train schedule for the Polar Bear Express.

Subject to further change with regards to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the reduced schedule will be effective Thursday, March 26 until further notice. The passenger train schedule will reduce from four days per week to two days per week. There are no changes to scheduled departure and arrival times.


In addition to waiving our change fees and refund fees, we continue to take further precautions to help keep our passengers and the communities we serve safe, including:

Removing the dining car from service. Passengers are being asked to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages onboard.

Adding additional passenger coaches to the train consist to allow for social distancing.

Passenger coaches are equipped with public hand-sanitizers and have soap and water available in the washrooms.

Please note that Ontario Northland’s freight train will continue to operate as scheduled on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Ontario Northland will ensure that any express freight shipments (medical supplies/materials/food/fuel) will be shipped on the freight train so customers can receive goods four days per week.

We will continue to offer flexibility and understanding to help our customers navigate through this difficult time.